Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the candidates and to seek recommendations. The following are my recommendations, primarily for north Santa Clara County, but also includes nearby areas. Scroll down to see more recommendations of campaigns throughout the state.

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Happy voting!

San Francisco Peninsula


  • President: Bernie Sanders+
  • Congress CD 17: Ro Khanna+
  • Congress CD 18: Anna Eshoo


  • Proposition 13 (2020): Yes
  • State Senate SD 13: Shelly Masur^
  • State Senate SD 15: Ann Ravel^
  • Assembly AD 24: Marc Berman
  • Assembly AD 25: Anne Kepner^
  • SEIU-UHW Executive Board Member: La Trena Robinson^


  • Santa Clara County Supervisor, District 5: Joe Simitian
  • San Mateo County Board of Education: Chelsea Bonini^


East Palo Alto

  • City Council: Lisa Gauthier*^

Foothill-DeAnza Community College

  • Measure G: Yes
  • Measure H: Yes (flip the ballot page; it's on the back)

Menlo Park

Mountain View

  • Measure D: No
  • Measure T: Yes

Democratic Central Committee (DCC)

Santa Clara County

  • AD 24 (Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Stanford, Sunnyvale):
    • Cari Templeton^+
    • Bill James*
    • Emily Ramos*^
    • Margaret Okuzumi+
    • Steve Chessin
  • AD 25 (Milpitas, Santa Clara, and parts of San José):
    • Clarence Madrilejos*
    • Michael Vargas*
  • AD 27 (San José):
    • Roxanne^
  • AD 28 (Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Saratoga, parts of San José):
    • Angelica Ramos*
    • Patrick Ahrens
    • James Kim
    • Shanta “Shay” Franco-Clausen*^+

San Mateo County

  • District 2

More in San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco & North Bay

State Legislature

BART Board of Directors

  • Ward 3: Rebecca Saltzman*^

San Francisco

San Francisco DCC

East Bay

State Legislature


Alameda County DCC

  • Julie Diaz Waters^


  • City Council, District 5: Sophie Hahn*^


  • School Board, District 7: Ay’Anna Moody^
  • City Council, District 1: Stephanie Dominguez Walton^
  • City Council, District 7: Treva Reid^

Peralta Community College

  • Board of Directors: Karen Weinstein^

South Bay & Santa Cruz

Monterey County


Santa Cruz County DCC

More in California

Northern CA & Sierras

US Congress

State Legislature

  • Assembly AD 1: Elizabeth Betancourt

Nevada County

Central Valley

US Congress

State Legislature

San Joaquin County

Solano County

Solano County DCC

  • District 1: Tiffanee Jones^
  • District 3: Bonnie Hamilton^
  • District 5: Bridgett Hunley^
  • District 5: Doriss Panduro^

San Luis Obispo County


  • City School Board: Jessie Ryan^
  • City Council, District 4: Katie Valenzuela
  • City Council, District 8: Mai Vang^
  • Supervisor, District 3: Tiffany Mock-Goeman^



Southern CA

US Congress

State Legislature

  • State Senate SD 19: Monique Limon
  • State Senate SD 23: Kris Goodfellow^
  • Assembly AD 35: Dawn Addis
  • Assembly AD 71: Liz Lavertu+
  • Assembly AD 72: Dierdre Thu-Ha Nguyen
  • Assembly AD 37: Elsa Granados^
  • Assembly AD 46: Lanira Murphy^

San Diego

San Diego DCC

  • AD 75: Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson, Ph.D.^

Los Angeles

Los Angeles DCC

  • District 7: Janet Foster^
  • District 38: Stacy Fortner^
  • District 38: Marilyn Grunwald^

More Local Races

* Candidates with an asterix are running for re-election

^ Candidates with a carat are Emerge program participants or alumnae

+ Candidates with a plus are Berniecrats

Recommendations are my own.