Campaign Portfolio

Participating in the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign as a volunteer and alternate delegate was just the beginning. Senator Sanders inspired me to immerse myself in politics at the local, county, and state organizing level, as well as working on progressive campaigns throughout the state of California. You can see examples of the types of work I have done and campaigns I have worked on here. See also my resume.

Campaign Manager

After wearing a variety of different hats on prior campaigns, I felt ready to step up and run the whole thing on a small scale campaign in January 2019. It was a great experience, and I look forward to running more.

  • 2019 California Democratic Party Delegate Election District 24, CommUNITY, Campaign Manager

Field & Data Strategy

As the digital strategy and data director on local campaigns in 2018, I used PDI, county data, ActionNetwork, and additional data sources to plan out our ground game, our lawn- and road-sign strategy, and our direct mail strategy. I also used this data in our online marketing and voter outreach, applying tried and true methods, such as county data, and newer methods, like VoterCircle.

Communications & Graphic Design

I was honored to be managing graphics, branding, and communications presence for several campaigns I worked on in 2018. I designed print and online ads, email banners and content, and direct mail collateral, and in some cases, the candidate logo itself.

Many of the campaigns that I support in 2018 had little to no budget for graphic design. I reached out to numerous Emerge sisters who were running and offered to help them with one-off graphics and communications tech support, such as designing custom remit envelopes and setting up a MailChimp account and list for them.

In 2017, I created graphics for state party delegates who were running to help elect Kimberly Ellis. After the election, when the votes were being recounted, I was inspired by the inconsistency between those telling Kimberly to back down while simultaneously launching the "persist girl" campaign. I created a mashup of those two concepts to illustrate the irony, and it became the rallying image of the recount campaign. Kimberly used this iconic graphic as her profile image for over a year after the election, and is still in use by many of her supporters.

  • 2020 Elizabeth Lavertu for State Assembly AD-71, Communications & Graphic Design
  • 2020 Rhodesia Ransom for San Joaquín County Supervisor, Graphic Design
  • 2020 Mountain View's No on Measure D, Graphic Design
  • 2019 Close the Gap California, Graphic Design
  • 2019 California Democratic Party Delegate Election District 24, Graphic Designer
  • 2018 Stacey Ashlund for Palo Alto School Board, Digital Strategy Director
  • 2018 Primary: Shay Franco-Clausen for San Jose City Council D-9, Graphic Design
  • 2018 Helene Rouvier for Rural Caucus Chair, Communications Consultant
  • 2018 Additional Clients (ad hoc, not on staff)
    • Anna Eshoo for Congress (CD-18)
    • Jackie Smith for State Assembly District 06
    • Patricia Munro for Livermore City Council
    • Rhodesia Ransom, Tracy City Council
    • Tracie Stafford for Elk Grove Mayor
    • Tara Sreekrishnan for Cupertino City Council
    • Rachelanne Vander Werf for Amer. River Trustee
    • Dionne Ybarra for Pacific Grove Mayor
    • Myel Jenkins for San Juan School Board
    • Lorien Cunningham for Cupertino School Board
    • Julie Caskey for Piedmont School Board
  • Kimberly Ellis for CA Democratic Party Chair, Graphic Designer. Created the Kimberly Ellis “Persist” logo mashup (see @KimberlyEllis10).
  • 2017 California Democratic Party Delegate Election District 02, Graphic Designer
  • 2017 California Democratic Party Delegate Election District 24, Graphic Designer

Fundraising & Volunteering

There are always ways to get involved in campaigns that one feels passionate about, even if one is already over-committed. I was honored to be able to fit in opportunities to help Josh Harder flip CD-10, to help Susan Ellenberg win a hotly contested endorsement, and to get the word out about an important school bond (while canvassing for my candidates).

  • 2020
    • Bernie Sanders for President, volunteer, event host, and hosted 18 canvasses in Mountain View and San José
    • Shelly Masur for State Senate SD-13, fundraiser and door knocker
  • 2018
    • Josh Harder for Congress (CD-10), co-hosted $XX K fundraiser
    • Susan Ellenberg for Santa Clara County Supervisor District 4, endorsement advocate
    • Measure Z School Bond, canvasser

Political Party Positions

In addition to the actual campaign work, there is also the work of navigating and leading the political organizations that may influence or support the candidates. I am honored to have been part of the political side as well, through my participation in the County and State parties as a voting member, caucus leader, and committee participant. Through the Emerge program, I also learned so much about the mechanics of a campaign and how to gather support. And finally, a YUGE thank you to Sen. Bernie Sanders for inspiring me and so many others to step unabashedly into the arena of politics and public service.

  • Santa Clara County Democratic Party
    • 2020 Primary - Endorsement Committee Member
    • 2019 - Bylaws Review Committee Member
    • 2018 General - North County Endorsement Subcommittee Co-Chair
    • 2018 Primary - Endorsement Committee Member
  • California Democratic Party
    • 2019 - Central Committee Member / Appointed Delegate, Assembly District 24 (Berman)*
    • 2017-2019 - Progressive Caucus Executive Board, Communications & Media Officer
    • 2017 - Central Committee Member / Elected Delegate, Assembly District 24
  • Emerge California alumna, Program Graduate, 2018
  • Bernie Sanders for President 2016. Elected potential DNC delegate (4th of 4), California Congressional District 18 (though did not attend convention, as we sent only one female delegate from our district). Canvassed, tabled, and volunteered for Sen. Sanders in Palo Alto.