Design Portfolio

Communications & Graphic Design

I was honored to be managing graphics, branding, and communications presence for several campaigns since 2018. I designed print and online ads, email banners and content, and direct mail collateral, and in some cases, the candidate logo itself.

Many of the campaigns that I support in 2018 had little to no budget for graphic design. I reached out to numerous Emerge sisters who were running and offered to help them with one-off graphics and communications tech support, such as designing custom remit envelopes and setting up a MailChimp account and list for them. 

In 2017, I created graphics for state party delegates who were running to help elect Kimberly Ellis. After the election, when the votes were being recounted, I was inspired by the inconsistency between those telling Kimberly to back down while simultaneously launching the "persist girl" campaign. I created a mashup of those two concepts to illustrate the irony, and it became the rallying image of the recount campaign. Kimberly used this iconic graphic as her profile image for over a year after the election, and is still in use by many of her supporters.