High-Tech Leadership

Team Lead and People Manager

Led several teams over the course of my 10+ years at Google, directly managing teams of up to 10 employees and indirectly managing mixed teams of employees and contractors of larger size, ranging from ~25 to over 100.

Highly effective in digesting and presenting information about the team's goals and progress toward those goals, and unblocking obstacles.

Most enjoyed the professional development aspects of managing people, especially mapping out career next steps and building out the team's skills to help directs and indirects reach those goals.

  • Nest Online TPM team

  • Google Corporate Engineering (IT) Program Management team

  • Google Analytics Online Support team

Technical Program Manager

Experienced TPM, having worked on multi-million dollar, high-impact and investment programs at Google.

  • Nest Online Store and Digital Marketing team (email, marketing website, store, partners) ($XXMM)

  • Google Corporate Engineering (IT) programs in Human Resources, Real Estate, and Transportation teams ($XXMM)

  • Doubleclick Operations team ($XMM)

Design Producer

Provided direction and oversight to user experience designers, graphic producers, and video editors on a variety of externally facing products.

  • Google Identity UX Design Producer

  • Nest Online Store and Digital Marketing team

Product Manager

Led the feature development prioritization and direction on several products under my purview.

  • Nest Online Store

  • Google Corporate Engineering (IT) Tools in Human Resources, including gThanks employee recognition hub and an internal job listing tool

  • Doubleclick Operations Tools

Technical Writer

Developed technical documentation and support articles for a variety of products, including developing guides for systems administrators, API developers, and end users.

  • Nauto API Documentation

  • Nauto Support Documentation

  • Google Analytics API Documentation

  • Univa Grid Engine Admin Guide

  • Univa Grid Engine User Guide

  • Doubleclick Operations Online Support Documentation

  • Google Analytics Online Support Documentation